Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gothic Web Links for Paper #1 (and beyond)

NOTE: The questions for Thursday are in the previous post.  Be sure to scroll down! 

Below are some valuable websites for aiding in your Gothic research.  Some are from the "ICT Resources" at the back of The Gothic Tradition, others from my own snooping.  Use these in your paper to flesh out historical and cultural context, as well as locating other primary and secondary sources. 

CGFA Website: A virtual art museum, you can find links to the paintings of thousands upon thousands of painters from the Medieval Period to the early Twentieth Century.  Look in particular for the painters mentioned in The Gothic Tradition and in class: Goya, Gainsborough, J.M. Turner, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Fuseli, etc.

The Literary Gothic: an extensive website devoted to everything Gothic!  Check out the "Resources" link for an endless bibliography of websites, books, and articles for your papers!

The Voice of the Shuttle/Gothic: an extensive critical website that is useful for all literary research; this is its exclusive page of Gothic topics and links.  Find out what Gothic literature Coleridge read!  Or the major themes of the "Female Gothic"!

Wikipedia/Gothic: Oh no--Wikipedia!  Stake it, stake it!  Remember, Wikipedia can be a useful tool if you use it intelligently.  Check out the clickable links, resources, and External Links that can lead you to a goldmine of Gothic information.

Glossary of Literary Gothic Terms: This will be more useful as we get into the 19th century, but it still contains some useful critical terms to aid in your literary "dissections."

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